Pixelodeon Festival

Celebrating Innovation in Online Media


Presenters at the First Annual Pixelodeon Festival

Pixelodeon 2007 featured a broad array of presenters, ranging from industry-famous keynote speakers and sponsor organizations to up-and-coming curators, whom selected video content and presented those videos for Pixelodeon audiences. These presenters worked to create informational, thought provoking, and intriguing content for Pixelodeon festivalgoers.

Keynote Speakers
At the beginning and end of each day, Pixelodeon 2007 featured a keynote speech from well-known members of the online media industry. The first day featured a thirty-minute welcome address from the organizers – Jay Dedman, Zadi Diaz, Ryanne Hodson, Irina Slutsky, and Steve Woolf – as well as DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall. The welcome address highlighted the importance of online independent media and framed the intentions of the organizers and major sponsors in creating this festival.

Pixelodeon Festival also featured keynote addresses from Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab, Fred Seibert, Kent Nichols, Douglas Sarine, and Jon Phillips. These keynote speakers were well established in the media world during Pixelodeon 2007, and they often had experience in both independent online and traditional media. Fred Seibert, for example, formed an independent production company, Frederator Studios, after spending years in television, helping to launch MTV and presiding over Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. Each keynote speaker has continued to achieve success in their fields and remains a critical voice in the media world.

Sponsored Presentations
In addition to well-known keynote speakers, Pixelodeon also featured presentations from key companies involved in the industry of online independent media. Pixelodeon organizers devoted the Frankovich/Barnes Theater to presentations from major sponsors, including companies such as DivX, Wordpress, and SpinXpress.

Each presenting sponsor curated a presentation relevant to their company’s role in the world of online independent media. DivX, for example, discussed digital rights management, copyright and file sharing, and innovative ways that consumers could access digital content. Additionally, SpinXpress used their platform to launch a new product called Get Media, a search engine that enables independent producers to access a wide range of creative content.

These notable companies also presented in the Frankovich/Barnes Theater at Pixelodeon:
• MyWaves
• Ourmedia
• Wordpress
• Blogger
• Current TV
• Blip.tv

To coordinate the many video sessions screened at Pixelodeon, the organizers tapped a number of curators to create presentations on topics relevant to the online independent media community. Pixelodeon’s curators all participated in the creation, production, and promotion of online independent media in various ways – hosting podcasts, vlogging, and even studying the relationship between online media and society. Some of these curators, such as Veronica Belmont, were fairly well-known media personalities, but others, such as Pepa Garcia, were lesser-known creators of quality online content.

The sessions held by Pixelodeon’s curators covered a broad range of content relating to online independent media. Robert Boyle, for example, addressed the subject of conversations of Youtube, and Gena Haskett hosted a session on social justice and community. This diverse array of curators enabled Pixelodeon to showcase a wide range of video content, giving attendees the option to explore many interesting topics.