Pixelodeon Festival

Celebrating Innovation in Online Media


The Organizers of Pixelodeon Festival

The inaugural Pixelodeon festival would not have been possible without its five main organizers, Jay Dedman, Zadi Diaz, Ryanne Hodson, Irina Slutsky, and Steve Woolf. These media producers, personalities, and entrepreneurs came together to support independent online media creation by organizing Pixelodeon 2007. Learn more about them here:

Jay Dedman
Jay Dedman, a multimedia creator with over a decade of experience, began his career in local news stations and eventually rose to become a reporter for CNN International. However, in the mid-2000s, Dedman began to focus his career on blogging, vlogging, and other forms of independent online content creation. He organized a number of projects, including Pixelodeon, Vloggercon, and Node101, and he published one of the first books on vlogging with Joshua Paul.

Zadi Diaz
Zadi Diaz is a Los Angeles-based director, producer, and creative executive. Diaz began her foray into online content creation in the early 2000s, and she has since worked as the Head of Content Development at Disney Interactive as well as a number of independent media projects such as Smashface and Epic Fu. Currently, she is the Founder of Major Digital Studios, and she is the VP of Programming and Development for ipsy.

Ryanne Hodson
Ryanne Hodson began her career as a video editor for public access television in Boston, Massachusetts. However, frustrated with the lack of freedom that television production afforded, she became active in the vlogging community. Her vlogging success eventually led her to co-author Secrets of Videoblogging and co-found Node101 and Freevlog, a website aimed at teaching novices how to vlog in eight simple steps.

Irina Slutsky
Irina Slutsky began her media career at a technology-news magazine called Red Herring, where she worked as a reporter and represented the company at the 2005 South By Southwest Conference. However, in 2005, she teamed up with Eddie Codel to form Geek Entertainment TV, which was eventually brought under the umbrella of PodTech. She also founded the Vloggies to award excellence in vlogging.

Steve Woolf
Steve Woolf first made a name for himself by co-creating and producing JETSET and becoming a principal at Smashface Productions, LLC, where he co-created the web series Epic Fu. From there, Woolf’s career continued to rise as he became President of Blip Studios, and from there, he went on to become the executive producer and editor-in-chief of YouTube Nation. Currently, Woolf is Head of Programming at Verizon go90.