Pixelodeon Festival

Celebrating Innovation in Online Media


Curators for Pixelodeon Festival

In order to bring the best of online video to Pixelodeon 2007, the festival invited a group of innovators in online independent media to curate video sessions. Pixelodeon’s curators included new media professionals who produced a variety of content, including podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and audio/visual art installations. These curators included:

Veronica Belmont: Veronica Belmont is an online media personality known for producing, engineering, and co-hosting CNET’s first major podcast, Buzz Out Loud. Since curating for Pixelodeon 2007, Belmont has co-hosted programs like Revision3’s Tekzilla, provided voiceovers for Fallout New Vegas, and created programs with BBC America.

Robert Boyle: Robert Boyle is the co-founder and CTO of Podaddies, a company that aims to assist user-generated content creators in monetizing their work.

Eddie Codel: Eddie Codel is a video producer, live stream consultant, and drone operator. During Pixelodeon 2007, his primary project was Geek Entertainment TV, which covered a wide variety of tech topics. Codel has since expanded his reach to live streaming and has even created his own film festival centered on drone video production.

Amanda Congdon: Amanda Congdon is a vlogger, writer, actress, and producer as well as the Co-President of Oxmour Entertainment. Her most famous project was Amanda Across America, where she vlogged her entire trip around the US. Congdon currently owns and operates a restaurant in California called Vegan Mario’s.

Steve Garfield: As one of the first vloggers on the internet, Steve Garfield has worked on major early vlogging projects such as Rocketboom and co-founded podcasts such as New Mediacracy. Steve’s work in the vlogging world earned him an induction into the International Academy of Web Television in 2009.

Pepa Garcia: Pepa Garcia is a vlogger devoted to helping others create and publish their own videos. In her blogs and vlogs, she provides users with guides and tips to assist them in their own content creation.

Gena Haskett: Gena Haskett is a Los Angeles based blogger, vlogger, and writer. Her best-known series, Out on the Stoop, chronicles her adventures and forays into new places and ideas. As a former librarian, Haskett seeks to make online video more interesting and accessible to all.

Andreas Haugstrup: Andreas Haugstrup joined the blogging and vlogging communities at their inception in the early 2000s. He has studied vlogging as a cultural phenomenon and worked to create a range of online tools to make vlogging easier for everyday people.

Eric Homan: As the Vice President of Development for Frederator, Eric Homan has a range of experience in both traditional and new media. After teaching English and reporting for radio stations in Pennsylvania, Homan joined Hanna-Barbera Cartoons in 1992 and eventually became Creative Director of its animation art department. Homan has since helped to found Frederator Studios in addition to developing special projects for MTV’s online division.

Ryan Junell: Ryan Junell is a media designer and director who has created events such as the SLOMO Video Festival and WEBZINE. Ryan’s experience coordinating independent media festivals made him a natural fit to curate for Pixelodeon Festival.

Daniel Liss: Daniel Liss is a filmmaker, writer, and freelance photographer, and he is the creator of pouringdown.tv – his collection of experimental personal videos. Though he employs traditional techniques in much of his professional work, Liss uses pouringdown.tv as an outlet for experimentation and deviation from norms of photography and videography.

Micki Krimmel: Throughout her career in media, Micki Krimmel has worked to connect content consumers and creators, pioneer creator rights, and encourage open media sharing. At Revver.com, she helped pilot the first video-sharing platform that shared revenue with its users, and she worked with Participant Productions to build an online activist community that connected film lovers and activists. Recently, she has launched a fashion-forward and body positive activewear line called Superfit Hero.

Patricia Lange: Patricia Lange is an Anthropologist and Associate Professor of Critical Studies at California College of the Arts. During Pixelodeon 2007, she was conducting research on the vlogging community and YouTube as part of a project on informal learning and digital youth. Today, she continues to research, present, and organize panels on important subjects in online media.

Mario Librandi: Mario Librandi is the husband of Amanda Congdon and a writer, director, and producer in vlogging. He and Congdon have collaborated on a number of projects, and together they own Oxmour Entertainment. Currently, he and Congdon own a restaurant in California called vegan Mario’s.

Mary C. Matthews: Mary C. Matthews is a writer and producer with experience in both television and online media. She produced 39 SECOND SINGLE, a vlog series on dating; VIDEO PANCAKES, a personal vlog; and IDOL CRITIC, an American Idol commentary vlog. Matthews continues to produce content for a number of television and web series.

Bre Pettis: Bre Pettis is an entrepreneur and vlogger known best for his leadership in MakerBot Industries as well as his DIY video podcasts for MAKE. Pettis also has experience in teaching, art, and puppeteering.

Jennifer Proctor: Jennifer Proctor is a media artist and filmmaker who focuses on experimental documentaries. She was one of the internet’s first vloggers, and she has managed and assisted with a number of independent film festivals.

Eric Rice: As an early vlogger and podcaster, Eric Rice’s career has consistently focused on new media. He was an executive producer for Slackstreet Entertainment as well as a cofounder of Hipcast, an online publishing service. Rice also publishes his own blog, where he discusses media, tech, and entertainment.

Damien Somerset: Damien Somerset is a social media guru, video producer, and video editor who created ZapRoot, helped to found, TreehuggerTV, produced for Ecorazzi, and consulted for GOOD Magazine. In addition, Somerset has written for publications such as Whole Life Times and edited YouTube series such as Ask a Ninja. Since Pixelodeon 2007, Somerset’s career has continued to rise, and he is currently working for XPRIZE.

Duncan Speakman: A UK based sound and video artist, Duncan Speakman aims to create experiences that are socially relevant and engage audiences beyond a gallery environment. Speakman’s displays continue to be featured at major galleries and festivals.

Bill Streeter: Bill Streeter is filmmaker and designer who dropped out of film school to focus on creating content that interested him. He has since created the vlog and podcast LO-FI SAINT LOUIS, worked as a graphic designer for major corporations, and creators content under podtech.net.