Pixelodeon Festival

Celebrating Innovation in Online Media


Pixelodeon Festival’s Keynote Addresses

At Pixelodeon 2007, each day began and ended with keynote speeches from major figures in the online media community. The featured keynote speakers included DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall; Kent Nichols of Ask A Ninja; Douglas Sarine, who co-created Ask a Ninja and Hope is Emo in addition to acting in The Office, Curb Your Enthusiam, and Jimmy Kimmel Live; Fred Seibert of Frederator Studios; Jon Phillips, an open source developer who assisted on projects such as the Open Clip Art Library; and Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon, executive producers involved in projects such as VH1’s Acceptable.tv and Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Program. These keynote speakers engaged their audiences with topics relevant to online independent media professionals. Learn more about each speaker here:

Jordan Greenhall
Jordan Greenhall led the online independent video revolution by founding and becoming the CEO of DivX in 2000. Due to its devotion to promoting independent creators of online digital video, DivX became a natural partner of Pixelodeon Festival in 2007, and Greenhall became heavily involved in the Pixelodeon community. Greenhall thus helped deliver the opening welcome speech along with the festival’s five organizers. Since Pixelodeon, Greenhall left DivX to pursue other interests, namely Neurohacking techniques. Throughout his career, Greenhall has built disruptive tech companies that stay one step ahead of mainstream technology.

Kent Nichols
Kent Nichols is a writer, director, and producer known best for his involvement in the web series Ask A Ninja. The series, which enjoyed continued success for over a decade, had over 150 million views on YouTube and even produced a book titled The Ninja Handbook, which sold thousands of copies. Since Pixelodeon 2007, Nichols has continued to work as a producer for various companies, and he currently works with Pixel Corps to facilitate live streams and 360 video production.

Douglas Sarine
Douglas Sarine worked alongside Kent Nichols to write and produce Ask A Ninja, even starring as the ninja in their videos. He has also appeared in well-known television shows such as The Office and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. As a writer, producer, and actor, Sarine has engaged with both mainstream and independent media in a wide variety of roles, giving him a unique perspective on media and media production. Currently, Sarine is the Chief Creative Officer at Beachglass Films in Los Angeles.

Fred Seibert
Fred Seibert is the founder and CEO of Frederator Studios, the independent production company behind a number of hit shows on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, including series such as The Fairly Oddparents. Seibert’s career took off when he helped to launch MTV, and by 1992, he was named president of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. After launching Frederator Studios in 1998, Seibert has continued to stay one step ahead of the game in both traditional and independent media; he created the first cartoon podcast, called Channel Frederator, in 2005, and he was even one of Tumblr’s early investors. Seibert and Frederator Studios enjoy continued success to this day.

Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips is a developer with a passion for open source projects. Phillips dove into open source development as it first became popular, and his first project, Inkscape, earned him acclaim as a developer. After developing Inkscape, Phillips created – and still maintains – Openclipart and Font Library. In addition to his open source development, Phillips is also a writer, artist, lecturer, and educator. He has written books as well as given lectures at the San Francisco Art Institute. Phillips currently works as the director of Fabricatorz, an art technology and global design studio, and he is also involved in blockchain projects.

Rob Schrab
Rob Schrab is a director, producer, writer, comic book creator, and actor best known for his role as a co-creator of The Sarah Silverman Program. Working closely with writing partner Dan Harmon (featured below), Schrab co-wrote the feature film Monster House and directed many episodes of Community. Additionally, Schrab acted in “Thriller Chiller Theatre,” an online video short on Channel101.com. After speaking at Pixelodeon, Schrab has directed many episodes of well-known comedy TV shows, including Blue Mountain State, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, and The Mindy Project.

Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon worked closely with Rob Schrab on several shows for Channel101.com as well as The Sarah Silverman Program. During Pixelodeon 2007, he was executive producing Acceptable.tv for VH1. Harmon has moved on to create a number of hit TV shows, including Community and Rick and Morty. However, he has recently become part of a major scandal involving his behavior toward female writers on Community, prompting a public apology from Harmon.