Pixelodeon Festival

Celebrating Innovation in Online Media


About Pixelodeonfest.com

Pixelodeonfest.com was created by film and film festival lovers to spread the word about Pixelodeon Festival. We are not an official website for Pixelodeon Fest, and nor are we officially affiliated with the festival in any way. We simply appreciate the care and effort that went into curating Pixelodeon 2007 as well as the unique online content that it brought to the public eye.

As lovers of film festivals, we particularly enjoyed the format of Pixelodeon as both a traditional film festival and a networking conference for users of both traditional and new media. Attendees could not only view over three hundred different videos on three movie-theater sized screens, but they could also attend sessions assembled by Pixelodeon’s curators, hear speeches from keynote speakers, and participate in networking events. Pixelodeon Festival also contained unique features like the DIY Theater, which allowed users to independently curate content from an official wiki.

We hope that you enjoyed this website and have expanded your knowledge about Pixelodeon Festival, its inaugural year, and independent online media in general.