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Pixelodeon Festival 2007

Pixelodeon Festival 2007 took place on June 9th and 10th at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. Organized by well-known media figures like Steve Woolf and Jay Dedman, the festival included a wide range of professionals involved in the online independent media community. Additionally, important industry players like DivX and SpinXpress sponsored the festival and curated presentations for it. Overall, by involving a wide range of participants in the online independent media industry, the organizers set the stage for a successful Pixelodeon 2007 – in fact, tickets to the keynote speeches sold out by the time the festival began.

During the festival, participants could listen to keynote speeches by major media figures, attend a wide variety of screening sessions, and participate in networking events. Each day began and ended with a keynote speech, and in between, participants could attend one of four screening sessions each hour. In order to make Pixelodeon as accessible as possible, the organizers made the screening sessions free, only selling tickets to the keynote addresses. Additionally, because all speeches during the conference were filmed, the festival posted videos of the keynote addresses after the festival, enabling those who could not attend the festival to see the speeches.

Reception and Reviews

Overall, Pixelodeon lived up to the hype surrounding the festival. As a festival centered on online media professionals, curators and attendees alike naturally blogged, vlogged, and wrote articles on their Pixelodeon experiences. Writing on the night of June 9th, after the first day of the festival, Veronica Belmont commented that the organizers had “done a wonderful job, and the turnout so far ha[d] been fantastic.” JD Lasica, the founder of Socialmedia.biz, attended the festival and wrote in his review that “[he] had more fun at the first Pixelodeon videoblogging/filmmaking conference in Hollywood than [he’s] had at any conference [that] year.” Overall, the media professionals who curated for and attended the event greatly enjoyed Pixelodeon.

The companies sponsoring the event enhanced its status as a summit for online media professionals by using Pixelodeon as a forum for important company announcements. SpinXpress, for example, launched a new service called Get Media, which enabled users to search for and gather Creative Commons-licensed content. Another company, Wordpress, also used the festival to talk about the future of its website and blogging in general. Sponsors, organizers, curators, and attendees alike came together to make Pixelodeon an unforgettable experience for all involved.